2018/2019 Members


Erik "VooDoo Chef" Youngs

Marie Youngs, Founder


Managing Board:
Jeanette Scanlon, Consultant

Committee Chairpersons:
​Jose Churruca, Membership

Ed Carmack, Security

Jamal "Spyder" Mohammed, Logistics

Vacant, Communication

Vincent Paglino, Social

Sue Caldwell Pannaze - Our HOPE!


Charter Member:

Angelina Youngs

Shane Schaibly
​Lisa Schaibly

Doug Driscoll

Heather Driscoll

Johnny Bell

Tim Kielich

Kristen Kielich

Susan Paglino

Shane Schaibly

​Lisa Schaibly

Christine Strombom

Nils Stombom

Eric Wicinski

Timothy "P" Glisson



Phil Alessi Jr

 Brent Brown

Laurie Cesaroni

Mike Cesaroni

Corey Cheshire

Lesa Cheshire

Don Clabeaux

Marhsall Dickerson

Meghan Dickerson

Hollie Driscoll

​DJ Driscoll

​Todd Jent

Gary Ramos​

Ray "Dr. BBQ" Lampe

Michael Moench

Dan Morter

Lesley Morter

​Sean Murphy

Jeff Philbin

​John Roskovensky

​Laura Sugrue

Charles Garvey

​Adam Hoge

Chris Kowalic

Maurice Johnson

Laura Andrews

Patrick Artz

Tyrell Palmer

Jericha Mitchell Palmer

Steve Riverol

Norma Riverol

Peter Harrison

​Antonia Stoll




First Watch

Shane Schaibly

Lisa Schaibly


Just Grillin
Heather Driscoll

Doug Driscoll


Alessi Bakery

Phil Alessi Jr


AJ's Kitchen Drawer
AJ Albrecht


Gonzalez Insurance Agency
Rafael Gonzalez

Gloria Gonzalez


Krewe Official:

OJT Education & Training

Dan Morter

Lesley Morter


Keiser University

Michael Moench


East Lake Woodlands Country Club

 Tim Kielich

Kristen Kielich


Outback Steakhouse Temple Terrace

Brent Brown

Yami Rivera


Sauceology/RC Bucks

Sarah Watkins

Greg Watkins


The Official Band:

Ragged Old Souls

Broadside Berns

Javier Escalante

Little Bobby Tables

Livingston Dagger

Savage Henry



Official DJ:

DJ Don Pablo


​Official Photographer:




Official Bar:



2016/2017 Members

Erik "VooDoo Chef" Youngs

Management Team:

Marie Youngs, Founder
Beth "Edwards" Corbett, Consultant
Jeanette Scanlon, Consultant
Christine Saettone, Consultant
Eric Moore, VDC Foundation

Committee Chairpersons:
Jose Churruca, Membership
Timothy "Longboat" Kielich, Costume
Danna Bramlett, Fundraising

Mike "Z" Zanation, Parades

Angelina "Spooky" Youngs
Timothy "P" Glisson
​Jason Bramlett
Shane Schaibly
David Miller
Amy Tupper
Carol Jurch Germana
Jensen Reveron French
Dave "Superfly" Corbett
Chuck Hackney
Kristen Thomson
Brian Rubright
Eric Nedbal
​Jessica Scanlon
Sue "The Guardian" Panazze
Amy Barker
Rick Barker
Timothy Germana
Christine "Dabbs" Strombom
Nils Strombom
Ginger Bibiloni
Bryan Bibiloni
Holly Provance
Shari Locascio
Aminta Owen
Steve Owen
Rick Burton
Cindy St. Lawrence
Eric Wicinski
Jane Swartz 
Rachel Ciliberti
Joshua Mullis
Art Flores
Tina Murray
Christina Grimaldi
Erin Chest
Mark Chest

Johnny B Bell
Brandi Jarman
Christine Fisher
Daniel Fisher
Sarah Ashley
Scott Lewis
Jillian Putney
Jeremiah Putney
Anthony Bibiloni
Scott Goodwin
Steve Willis
Lisa Riscile Schaibly
Kristen Kielich
Maggie Rodriguez
Jamal Mohammed
Captain Morgan
Susan Paglino
Vincent Paglino
​Amy Elliott-Polanco ​

First Watch
Cassi Checklick, Krewe Sponsor
Stefan Knapik, Krewe Sponsor
Tom Shackton, Krewe Sponsor
Alex Shackton, Krewe Sponsor

The Empress Tea Room
Kim Nauman, Official Sponsor
Michael Nauman, Official Sponsor

Just Grillin'
​Doug Driscoll, Official Sponsor
Heather Driscoll, Official Sponsor

James Joyce Irish Pub
Janice Rock, Official Sponsor
​Trey Taylor, Official Sponsor

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Sponsors Applications:

VooDoo Krewe Treasure Map

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