Dust (5 Pd) ~ 60

Southern Style BBQ!  ...and it's GOLD!

​Keep this one close, you will not want to share.  VooDoo's mustard sauce will knock your socks off.

Mild - Fuel 5 oz ~ 8

Jalapeño Pepper Sauce

VooDoo Chef's Version of the New Orleans' classic Blackening Seasoning

Orders typically ship in less than 5 business days.  However, in order to ensure the freshest of product may take up to 4 weeks to process.

Red (5 Pd) ~ 60


Embers 5 oz ~ 8

Fire Rstd Jalapeño Pepper Sauce


Mild - Burn 5 oz ~ 8

Cayenne Pepper Sauce

DIRT (5 oz) ~ 8

FATBOY (12 oz) ~ 8

Kansas City Style!  Rich, sweet, and smoky this sauce will taste like the KC Pit Masters themselves were Q-ing it up just for you!

Red (5 oz) ~ 8

Black (5 Pd) ~ 60

From morning breakfast to the evening grill, just a little Dust brings out the natural flavors of whatever you are cooking

DIRT (5 Pd) ~ 60


Firehouse 5 oz ~ 8

Fire Rstd Habanero Pepper Sauce

Black (5 oz) ~ 8

The VooDoo answer to TEX MEX, our Southwest Season is filled with Earthy warm, not hot, flavors

Eastern North Carolina BBQ Sauce.  Use it as an injection, a marinade, a basting liquid, a braise, or to finish off your smoked pork NoCa Style!

Slippery When Wet

5 oz ~ 8

Rocking Jalapeño Sauce 

Dust (5 oz) ~ 8

VooDoo Chef's Original Rub, Sweet with a hint of Pepper and just the right amount of Espresso!

DeJa VooDoo 2016 ~ 20

Clear Guava Habanero Hot Sauce with Silver Flakes in a Custom Etched Whiskey Flask!  Only a limited number available.

VooDoo Barbecue

Holy Shit

inSINdiary 5 oz ~ 8

Habanero Pepper Sauce

VooDoo Chef Sauces & Seasonings

Smokehouse (12 oz)  ~ 8

Hot Sauces

Southern Gold (12 0z) ~ 8

VooDoo Magic (1 Pd) ~ 13 

There are no smoke and mirrors here, only MAGIC!  VooDoo's signature rub plays nice with all proteins