The VooDoo Chef Foundation's mission is to provide culinary scholarship and feed those in need.  Through our various programs the Foundation is committed to $100,000 in culinary scholarship in the 19/20 season and touching over 500 families through the "Our HOPE!" program.

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The Voodoo Chef is coming to Tampa, and he is bringing his Krewe. These Krewe members, who have been locked into a “Gastronomic Trance”, are forced to wander the earth forever. They spend their days invading kitchens and infusing their own brand of spices and sauces into recipes, making it impossible NOT to worship the flavor.

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VooDoo Chef Catering custom created events form every occasion.  For intimate gatherings to corporate events every event will leave your guests worshipping the flavor that is VooDoo Chef!

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Chef Erik Youngs, the VooDoo Chef, has worked in the Culinary industry for 30+ years.  Learn more about having Erik at your next event, corporate training, student workshop, or as a consultant for your classroom or kitchen!

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