VooDoo Chef Catering custom designs  every  event creating an experience that will evoke memories for a lifetime!

Whether you are looking for an In-Home  Private Dinner, a Cocktail Reception, or a Party Like a Rock Star Bash allow our team to create your next event!

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The Gasto Pig!

VooDoo Chef's answer to the Cuban Sandwich, VooDoo Magic Pork, Sweet Ham, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Swiss Cheese, VooDoo's FoMo Sauce, and Fatboy Quickles packed inside of La Segunda Cuban Bread hot pressed with Bacon Fat. Served with a side of FoMo Sauce

​$9 in Advance​​

VooDoo Chef at 81Bay Brewing

4465 W Gandy Boulevard #600, Tampa, FL, 33611

Join Erik Youngs, the VooDoo Chef, and the entire VooDoo Chef Catering Team at 81Bay Brewery the Fourth Saturday of Every Month for Brunch and Brews!  Enjoy some of your favorite VooDoo-fied creations paired with the one of the many beers on tap  crafted by the local brewmasters of 81Bay Brewing!  Tickets available of now!

VooDoo Chef


Huevos Rancheros

VooDoo Chef's custom blend of beef and pork with just the right amount of his infamous seasonings (did we mention tequila?) combined with a Southwestern Sweet Potato Hash, Twin Eggs, Pico, Cilantro, Lime, and  Warm Free Range Tortillas

$9 in Advance​​

The Five Food

Groups Cake

(Bourbon, Bacon, Butter

​Caffeine, & Carbs)

Warm Espresso Cake (CAFFEINE) laced with DIRTy BACON, BUTTER, and Woodford Double Barrel BOURBON all packed into a Mason Jar and topped with Whipped Cream

...and more DIRTy bacon!

Normally $6.66 (it's sinful!)

$5 in Advance


​11 am - 4 pm

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