VooDoo Chef Catering custom designs  every  event creating an experience that will evoke memories for a lifetime!

Whether you are looking for an In-Home  Private Dinner, a Cocktail Reception, or a Party Like a Rock Star Bash allow our team to create your next event!

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VooDoo Chef Catering


The Gastro Pig
VooDoo Chef’s answer to the Cuban Sandwich, VooDoo Magic Pork, Sweet Ham, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Swiss Cheese, VooDoo’s FOMO Sauce, and Fatboy Quickles packed inside of La Segunda Cuban Bread pressed with Bacon Fat. Served with VooDoo Chips!

The Big Boy
Mounds of Slow Smoked Barbecue Pork VooDoo Style with Fatboy Slaw and Quickles falling off a warm Brioche Bun.  Served with VooDoo Chips.

VooDoo Dogs
Definitely more than a mouthful these Dogs are no joke!  Two All-Beef Dog packed inside warm buns topped with our Home-Made Chili, Shredded Cheese Blend, and Pico de Gallo!  Served with VooDoo Chips.

Doo Dog

Don’t think you can Double Down, it’s okay to fly solo…Served with Chips

VooDoo Tinga Tacos
Chicken Slow cooked in more VooDoo goodness than should be allowed! Served inside of warm flour tortillas with cabbage, Pico De Gallo, cilantro, lime, and VooDoo Ranch! 

The Five Food Groups
Bourbon, Butter, Bacon Caffeine and Carbs
Warm Espresso Cake laced with DIRTy Bacon, Butter, and Woodford Double Barrel Bourbon all packed into a Mason Jar and topped with Whipped Cream…and more DIRTy Bacon!​​