Long before it became a magnet for International Studies, Jefferson High School is known for its athletic programs.  Producing Major League Baseball players, NFL Stars, and the such.  Little known to most, it is also the home to many culinarians.  This of course long before the culinary program that now fills J Hall with smells and aromas comparable of the best restaurants in town.  Help support the Alma Mater of the VooDoo Chef! and their new found culinary program.

Let  Donate to the Culinary Program of Jefferson High School.  

Providing meals to those in need & providing financial support to those seeking an education in the Foodservice/Hospitality Industry.

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The Naomi Tidwell Scholarship was created to provide support for students looking to continue further their education in the Foodservice/Hospitality Industry.  Click here to learn more about the Naomi Tidwell Scholarship.

Jefferson High School Culinary Scholarship

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