2019/2020 Members


Erik "VooDoo Chef" Youngs

Marie Youngs, Founder


Christine Dabbs, Operations

Yoli Miner, Publicist

Jen Scanlon, Consultant

Manageing Committee:
​Jose Churruca, Membership

Ed Carmack, Security

Jamal "Spyder" Mohammed, Logistics​​

Sue Caldwell Panazze, Our HOPE!


Charter Member:

Angelina Youngs

Timothy Kielich

Kristen Kielich 

​Shari Locasio

Susan Paglino

Vince Paglino

Nils Strombom

Shane Schaibly

Lisa Schaibly

Eric Wicinski

Michael Zanation




Laura Andrews

Marc Bellingrath

Elizabeth Blalock

​Melissa Brucker

Laurie Cesaroni

Mike Cesaroni

​Corey Cheshire

​Don Clabeaux

Annalise Compton

Charles Garvey

Dena Gonzalez

Robert "Papo" Gonzalez

​Adam Hoge

Thelma "Lee" Hughes

​Lizanne Ippolito

​Melissa Kob

Sean Murphy

​David Plourde

Angela Rey

Norma Riverol

Steve Riverol

​John Roskovensky

Antonia Stoll



Honorary Members:
Johnny B

Jeff Philbin


Leigh Spann





First Watch

Shane Schaibly

Lisa Schaibly


Alessi Bakery

Phil Alessi Jr

VooDoo Mortgage 

Dave Thomas

Linda Thomas 


Krewe Official:


OJT Education & Training

Dan Morter

Lesley Morter


Keiser University

Michael Moench


East Lake Woodlands Country Club

 Tim Kielich

Kristen Kielich


Outback Steakhouse Temple Terrace

Brent Brown

Yami Rivera


Sauceology/RC Bucks

Sarah Watkins

Greg Watkins


Twisted South Southern Kitchen

Adam Jessup


The Official Band:

Ragged Old Souls

Broadside Berns

Javier Escalante

Little Bobby Tables

Livingston Dagger

Savage Henry



Official DJ:

DJ Don Pablo


​Official Photographer:

 Keto Hodges

The Photo Guy



Official Bar:



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