The VooDoo Krewe

The VooDoo Krewe will support the VooDoo Chef Foundation through volunteerism and the offering of time, talent, and knowledge in order to promote their mission of providing culinary scholarship and feeding those in need. 


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The Voodoo Chef is coming to Tampa, and he is bringing his Krewe. These Krewe members, who have been locked into a “Gastronomic Trance”, are forced to wander the earth forever. They spend their days invading kitchens and infusing their own brand of spices and sauces into recipes, making it impossible NOT to worship the flavor.

It is the Voodoo Chef’s mission to cast a spell over everyone in Tampa Bay sharing “His Passion”, “His Future”, and “His HOPE!” as he casts his magic over all he comes across. When the Planets are aligned, and the Moon is just right, the people of Tampa Bay will have an opportunity to meet with the Voodoo Chef. You will bear witness to the magic, as you watch these mystical recipes come to life. Study well, and you too will be able to cast a spell over those you wish to do your bidding.

Our Mission!

Sponsored By:

Members will not only experience the joy of giving through our support of the Greater Tampa Bay Community, they will also:

  • Party Like Rock Stars in Tampa's Premier Parades - Children's Gasparilla Extravaganza, Gasparilla Pirate Fest, ​The Knight Parade, and Saint Patrick's Day Parade
  • Receive a membership to the Tampa Bay Hospitality Network (coming 2020) as part of their membership!
  • ​Receive 30% off to VooDoo Krewe Events including Day of the Dead Golf Tournament, VooDoo Bash, and VooDoo Beach Bash!
  • ​Receive discount at select VooDoo Chef Events! including VooDoo Chef Catering!

Membership Has It's Privileges!