Southern Gold (12 0z) ~ 7

VooDoo Barbecue

Holy Shit

inSINdiary 5 oz ~ 10

Habanero Pepper Sauce

The VooDoo Chefs custom Bloody Mary Mix. Built special for Gasparilla and Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum!  

​750 ml ~ 7

Slippery When Wet

5 oz ~ 7

Rocking Jalapeño Sauce 

Smokehouse (12 oz)  ~ 7

BamaQ (12 0z) ~ 7

Hot Sauces

The Originals

VooDoo Chef's Version of the New Orleans' classic Blackening Seasoning

For a Limited Time Only! While Supplies Last!

Buy the Four Seasonings that Started it All!

Barbecue Bundle! Southern Gold, Magic, & Smokehouse!

Create the perfect VooDoo Ribs. Slather w/Souther Gold, Rub with Magic!  Glaze with Smokehouse ~ $32 Shipping Included


Barbecue Alabama Style with a VooDoo Twist!  Use as a Marinade, as a Finishing Sauce, or a Spread for Sandwiches.


FATBOY (12 oz) ~ 7

Kansas City Style!  Rich, sweet, and smoky this sauce will taste like the KC Pit Masters themselves were Q-ing it up just for you!

Red (5 oz) ~ 7

Black (5 Pd) ~ 35

The VooDoo Chef Bloody Gaspar was named the Official Drink of the 2017 Gasparilla Pirate Fest


Firehouse 5 oz ~ 10

Fire Rstd Habanero Pepper Sauce


VooDoo Chef's Onion Relish!

Avaialble in two flavors...

Wicked Sweet! ~6

Wicked Hot! ~6

NOLA (5 oz) ~ 7

A East of the Islands Mon, with a VooDoo Twist of course.  Enjoy the classic taste of Jerk with a hint of the flavors from home!

JERK (12 oz) ~ 7

Eastern North Carolina BBQ Sauce.  Use it as an injection, a marinade, a basting liquid, a braise, or to finish off your smoked pork NoCa Style!

NOLA (5 Pd) ~ 35


Orders outside of the US are subject to separate postage rates, and will be contacted prior to orders being shipped.

Dust (5 Pd) ~ 35

From morning breakfast to the evening grill, just a little Dust brings out the natural flavors of whatever you are cooking

DIRT (5 Pd) ~ 35

VooDoo Magic (13 oz) ~ 14 

There are no smoke and mirrors here, only MAGIC!  VooDoo's signature rub plays nice with all proteins

MOJO (12 oz) ~ 7

Red (5 Pd) ~ 35


Embers 5 oz ~ 7

Fire Rstd Jalapeño Pepper Sauce

DIRT (5 oz) ~ 7


Enjoy One 5 ounce bottle of each of the four flavors the started it all...

Black, DIRT, Dust & Red!   

A $28.00 Value

​For only $22.00 (plus Shipping)

That's a Saving of over 20%!

Southern Style BBQ!  ...and it's GOLD!

​Keep this one close, you will not want to share.  VooDoo's mustard sauce will knock your socks off.

The VooDoo answer to TEX MEX, our Southwest Season is filled with Earthy warm, not hot, flavors

Dust (5 oz) ~ 7

The VooDoo answer to TEX MEX, our Southwest Season is filled with Earthy warm, not hot, flavors

VooDoo Chef's Original Rub, Sweet with a hint of Pepper and just the right amount of Espresso!

VooDoo Chef Sauces & Seasonings

Black (5 oz) ~ 7

Orders typically ship in less than 5 business days.  However, in order to ensure the freshest of product may take up to 4 weeks to process.

The VooDoo Chef's blend of Sour Orange and Sofrito for the perfect Cuban Roast Pork or Mojo Chicken.